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The Vicious Cycle

Ever lose an entire day to a Netflix binge?

Then Promise yourself that “tomorrow will be different”

and repeat the exact same thing?

I have.

And it sucks. 🤦

Instead of working on my projects, I’d spend another hour with Animal Kingdom and a bag of chips.

By the time I looked outside the window, the sun went down and there were no more episodes left to distract myself.

This went on for years.

Until one key idea turned it all around.

Day One.

Day one is the core idea that every day is a chance to begin again.

If you believe in this, then you’re in the right place.

About the Creator

How DOC was made

Ever played those awkward ice breaker games?

Describe yourself in 3 words 🙄

Here’s what I would’ve said 5 months ago:
Jealous, Lazy, Lurker.

I was 24.
Living the “digital nomad” life. Great paying job with lots of impact.

Girlfriend. Doggo.
The whole nine yards.

But I felt empty inside...

Other Projects

Notion Website

Personal Podcast

I also built the Atomic Thread Hub to help Twitter users create addictive 🧵threads in less time.

Day one is today.

Join me and get the best creator tools every Wednesday.

Thank you

If you made it to the end of this page, well done!

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